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Ultrafast Spin Currents

# PI Project Title  
B01 Melnikov, Woltersdorf Ultrafast spin currents and spin torques studied by (non-) linear magneto-optics MLU
B02 Kampfrath,
Ultrafast spintronic devices



B03 Brouwer Time-dependent spin dynamics and electron transport FUB
B04 Mertig, Henk Spin-dependent transport in inhomogeneous systems MLU
B05 Franke, Kampfrath Spin dynamics in atomically-precise nanostructures FUB
B06 Berakdar Imaging and control of spatio-temporal spin dynamics in nanostructures MLU
B07 Ernstorfer, Wolf Momentum-resolved dynamics of relaxation processes and control of spins and pseudospins in TMDC-based spintronic heterostructures FHI
B08  Bolotin, Gahl Ultrafast spin transport at the interface between TMDCs and metals FUB
B09  Marques Real-time (pseudo-)spin transport and dynamics in transition metal dichalcogenides MLU