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ATM - Introduction to microscopic three temperature models for the description of the ultrafast magnetization dynamics’

Aug 10, 2020 - Aug 24, 2020

Online ATM


Phenomenological models describing magnetization dynamics at ultrafast scales have been demonstrated useful for experimental data analysis.
The three temperature model was already used in the seminal work by Beaurepaire and Bigot in 1996 demonstrating ultrafast spin dynamics in transition metal nickel [1].
Later on, microscopic three temperature model introduced by Koopmans et al. [2] was demonstrated to give insights not only in the ultrafast spin dynamics of transition metals but also in rare earth Gadolinium. Advanced versions can be used to model dynamics of the electron and lattice temperature as well as the magnetization with depth resolution in a variety of material classes.
In this advanced training module you will be introduced to the microscopic three temperature model, provided by a short code solving the necessary dynamical equations, and asked to model either your experimental measurements or conducting purely theoretical study in a material of your choice.

[1] E. Beaurepaire, J.-C. Merle, A. Daunois, and J.-Y. Bigot, ‘Ultrafast Spin Dynamics in Ferromagnetic Nickel.’ Physical Review Letters 76, 4250
[2] Koopmans, B., Malinowski, G., Dalla Longa, F. et al. ‘Explaining the paradoxical diversity of ultrafast laser-induced demagnetization.’ Nature Materials 9, 259–265 (2010)

Time & Location

Aug 10, 2020 - Aug 24, 2020

Freie Universität Berlin