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iRTG Workshop - Debate training for the awareness for gender realated topics

Jan 20, 2020 - Jan 21, 2020

This workshop is part of  the “Workshop Series: overcoming challenges related to diversity in science” organized by the iRTG CRC/TRR 227 Ultrafast Spin Dynamics and the IGK CRC 1078 Protonation Dynamics in Protein Function and is open to all genders.

Debating equally enables women and men to discuss gender-matters. By means of explaining the advantages and disadvantages of a topic, a high analytical depth is achieved in argumentation, which helps participants to reflect their own way of thinking and to voice their opinions in daily life.


  • Finding sound arguments as well as checking their relevance
  • Building arguments in a coherent and convincing manner
  • Being able to refute solid arguments
  • Presenting oneself in a self-confident manner, even if the audience is a discerning one
  • Handling interruptions and fault-finding questions in a confident manner


  • Furthering the capabilities and assertiveness of women during arguments in mixed gender groups
  • Sensitization of all participants to the important differences in the communication of men and women, and individuals of different cultures
  • Promotion of awareness that the expression of opinions is not dependent on a person’s gender or culture

Time & Location

Jan 20, 2020 - Jan 21, 2020

FU Berlin - Department of Physics - Arnimallee 14 - 14195 Berlin