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OISTR in highlight section of Advances in Engineering

Optically Induced Spin Transfer and the work of Sangeeta Sharma (TRR project A04) at focus of one the World's leading source of Engineering research news.

News from Sep 03, 2018

The research of CRC/TRR 227 scientist Dr. Sangeeta Sharma has been covered by a Significance Article of Advances In Engineering. In particular, recent results on OISTR in materials were highlighted, whereby ultrashort laser pulses induced a spin-selective charge flow that in turn generated dramatic changes in the magnetic structure of materials, including a switching of magnetic order from anti-ferromagnetic to transient ferromagnetic in multi-sub-lattice systems. In summary, the Sangeeta Sharma an coworkers found the spin modulation observed to be purely optical in nature, so representing one of the fastest means of manipulating spin by light.

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