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New B11 project led by Hélène Seiler - Supplementary proposal approved

Hélène Seiler, tenure track W1-W2 professor at the Physics Department of FU Berlin, proposed a new project entitled "Probing exciton structure and dynamics in two-dimensional magnets and spintronic heterostructures". DFG now approved this supplementary project as B11 within our CRC/TRR 227. Funding is granted for year 3 and 4 of the 2nd funding period and starts January 1, 2024.

News from Nov 01, 2023

Congratulations to Prof. Hélène Seiler for this excellent addition to our Reserach Center on Ultrafast Spin Dynamics.

Hélène accepted the call of Freie Universität Berlin at our Physics Department just a year ago and is currently seeting up her reserach group "Ultrafast dynamics in nanomaterials" which focusses on the development and use of ultrafast methods to characterize nanomaterials of relevance for devices such as solar cells, LEDs and lasers. So we are looking forward to exciting years to come.

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