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Christian Strüber (TRR227 project A01) wins one of the poster prizes of the Joint CRC1242 & TRR227 Workshop

Great success of the  Online Workshop on "Exciting Dynamics: How Electrons, Spins, and Phonons Interact" with excellent and very pedagogical talks, vivid discussions and fun and scientifically exciting poster sessions.

News from Feb 19, 2021

120+ avatars gathered at the gather.town platform for our two poster sessions and gave an impressive interaction feeling, surely not real life-like but close to physical presence.

All participants could vote for the best posters of each session. The winners  are ...

Poster Session 1

  • P. Lochner (CRC1242 – A01): Real‐time detection of every Auger recombination in a self‐assembled quantum dot
  • E. Shomali (CRC1242 – C02): Investigation of carrier dynamics in a laser‐excited Fe/MgO(001) heterostructure from real‐time time‐dependent DFT

Poster Session 2

  • O.A. Naranjo-Montoya und M. Bridger (CRC1242 – A05): Generation, characterization and compression of femtosecond IR and Mid‐IR bandwidth‐limited pulses
  • C. Strüber (TRR227 – A01): Tracing magnetization dynamics in Fe at the BZ edge by TR‐ARPES
  • J. Kerski (CRC1242 – A01): Time‐resolved high‐frequency lock‐in electron transport measurements
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