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B06 - Imaging and control of spatio-temporal spin dynamics in nanostructures

Principal Investigator:

In this theory project, we want to accomplish two major tasks: Firstly, quantum dynamics and kinetics methods will be worked out to calculate the strongly driven charge and spin dynamics in ultrafast time-resolved scanning tunneling spectroscopy experiments, tunnel junctions, and photoemission experiments. These calculations will also deliver microscopic information as input for coarse-grained models.

Secondly, schemes are to be developed and implemented for large-scale electromagnetic/micromagnetic simulations to infer the dynamical, highly intense local field distributions for given magnetic nano- and heterostructures such as spintronic THz sources. Our approach also captures the strongly non-linear influence on the local magnetic dynamics, including the transient changes in the underlying microscopic magnetic interactions, as well as the modifications of the traversing electromagnetic waves such as strong changes in their frequency, phase, or polarization. The results are expected to contribute to a deeper understanding of the dynamic interplay between spin, charge, and intense radiation fields with prospect applications in ultrafast magnetophotonics.

Publications (1st Funding Period 2018 - 2021)