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TRR227 PI Dr. Tom S. Seifert - Karl Scheel Prize 2024

Plakat: Karl-Scheel-Preis 2024

Plakat: Karl-Scheel-Preis 2024

For his outstanding scientific achievement, Tom S. Seifert, PI of TRR 227 project A05, was awarded with the Karl-Scheel-Preis 2024 of the Physikalische Gesellschaft zu Berlin. - Congratulations!

News from Jun 20, 2024

After his dissertation with honors "summa cum laude" at FU Berlin, Tom continued to pursue excellent research, as exemplified by the scientific output of project A05 of our TRR 227. His achievemnts may be summed up as "Interactions of the spin and orbital angular momentum of the electron in the nanometer and femtosecond range". The award ceremony of the Karl Scheel Prize 2024 will take place at the Magnus Haus on 20 June 2024, details may be found here.

The Karl Scheel Prize is the most important prize of the Physikalische Gesellschaft zu Berlin, Regionalverband Berlin/Brandenburg der Deutschen Physikalischen Gesellschaft (PGzB), and is usually awarded to a member for an outstanding scientific achievement in the years immediately following a doctorate and predominantly at a research institution in the states of Berlin or Brandenburg. The prize, which is usually endowed with € 5,000, has been awarded to 80 scientists since 1958.

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