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A06 - Nanometer-resolved ultrafast spin and electron dynamics at magnetic surfaces

Principal Investigator:

In this project the spin and magnetization dynamics of ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic thin films will be studied on the nanometer length scale. Femtosecond time-resolved photoemission electron microscopy (tr-PEEM) with back-side pumping, front-side probing geometry will be applied in combination with time-resolved two-photon photoelectron spectroscopy (tr-2PPE). With independently tunable pump and probe laser pulse wavelengths, we will address the spatial distribution of spin dynamics driven by a transient electronic structure. This transient electronic structure under investigation will be excited indirectly by a spin current or directly by optical pulses. These excitations will be investigated by tr-2PPE and spatially tailored by plasmonic nanostructures in the tr-PEEM experiments. A specific goal is to image domain switching and domain wall motion in ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic thin films on the nanometer scale upon femtosecond spin and optical excitations.

Publications (1st Funding Period 2018 - 2021)