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Ultrafast Dynamics of Magnetic Order

# PI Project Title  
A01 Weinelt Ultrafast spin dynamics and its signature in the electronic structure FUB
A02 von Korff Schmising,
Ultrafast spin dynamics in heterogeneous magnetic systems MBI
A03 Pontius,
Element-specific view on ultrafast spin and orbital angular momentum redistribution HZB
A04  Sharma, Dewhurst Ultrafast spin dynamics combined with nuclear dynamics in 2D and 3D MBI, MPI
A05 Seifert, Kampfrath, Dörr Elementary terahertz spin interactions in magnetic solids FUB, MLU
A06 Widdra Nanometer-resolved ultrafast spin and electron dynamics at magnetic surfaces MLU
A07 Kuch Bridging the time scales between ultrafast and precessional magnetization dynamics FUB



Multiscale modeling of ultrafast spin dynamics




Ultrafast magnetization dynamics and spin transport in magnetic oxide heterostructures



Windsor, Ernstorfer, Bargheer  Spin-lattice coupling on ultrafast time scales TUB, UP

* Project terminated with the end of the first funding period Dec. 2021.